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Blue Mochi Biscotti

Type: INDICA / Grade: AAAAA

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Grade: AAAAA / THC: 31% / CBD: 0%

Common Effects:


Flavor Notes: Gas, Skunk, Pine, Herbal, Sweet
Common Usage: Depression, Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia

If you are looking for that extra kick that will push you to that next level, you’ve ought to try our AAAAA Blue Mochi Biscotti. This strain has a genetic lineage that crosses Gelato #47, Blue Dream, and Biscotti to create a tasty, powerful, exotic, and gassy experience. These buds are gigantic with an insane amount of THC that covers all buds and leaves alike! When you squeeze it, it really is sticky-icky! The initial high onset is insanely quick, but it creeps up so subtly that you won’t notice the exact moment of when you are in the clouds. Users will find that being sociable is easy, followed by full body relaxation and sedation, making it the perfect pick for a couch-locked feeling. Blue Mochi Biscotti is a unique strain because it perfectly blends exotic flavours with your typical fuel notes. This strain can be enjoyed at any time during the day.

2 reviews for Blue Mochi Biscotti

  1. peter solty

    Absolutely πŸ”₯ fire πŸ”₯.
    There is no other words for it.
    Immaculate, sticky, trichombes to the max, noise is on point.
    So sticky but burns so well.
    Just πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

  2. Quado

    What in the mother Earth…. This bud is crazy!!! Super gas. Sticky icky. Couldn’t even grind this properly in my kannastor grinder. Resin ring was noticable on the 4th pull. High was long lasting. Flavor was sweet and creamy. Need more!!!!

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