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1 x 0.75 Gram Pre-Roll


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Tired of getting your thumbs sticky and ending up with a hippie joint? Not a problem, we’ll do the work for you.

Each pre-rolled cones filled with 0.85g of flowers for your convenience. Just open the package and light her up.

Please Note: All pre-rolls are filled with actual buds. NO STEMS & SHAKE GURANTEED!

Multiple strains available.
– 1 x 0.75 Gram Pre-roll.


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(Indica) King's Kush, (Indica) Purple OG Kush, (Sativa) Sophie's Breath, (Sativa) Sugar Haze, (Hybrid) Pink Tuna, (Hybrid) Blue Cheese, (Hybrid) Wifi OG, (Hybrid) Blue Dream, (Hybrid) God Bud, (Hybrid) Skunky Diesel, (Indica) Holy Grail, (Indica) El Diablo, (Hybrid) Purple Trainwreck, (Indica) Black Diamond

2 reviews for Pre-Roll

  1. kdavidson87

    The pre-rolls here are some of the best I’ve had. Quality flower and it’s not a bunch of trimmings/stems, it’s actual bud. Didn’t have any issues with lighting or keeping it lit like pre-rolls I’ve received from other companies. If you want something quick and easy these are a great option.

  2. JH145

    these pre-rolls are so convenient to enjoy and are top notch quality. they are packed nice and dense so the burn never canoes. definitely worth!!!

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