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Lollipop 50 MG


Total THC: 50 MG THC


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Dimes Edible is a new company whose just stepped foot into the edible game. Educated in extracting high quality THC from flowers and converting it into Distillate. They have lab tasted their distillate with results coming up to a whopping high 85% THC. Partnered with verified edible crafters, they created their own edibles to share with you! Pop the wrapper out and give it a suck, you’ll definitely catch a nice balanced experience!


Watermelon, Green Apple, Grape, Blue Raspberry

1 review for Lollipop 50 MG

  1. kdavidson87

    I ordered the lollipops on a whim just to try($5 for 50mg, why not??) and was thoroughly impressed. Since then I’ve ordered multiple and tried all the flavours and all of them are good, no gross taste like you get from some edible candies. I particularly like the watermelon.

    Whatever flavour you choose you won’t be disappointed.

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