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Shake (AAA+)


Grade: AAA+

(2 customer reviews)

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An ounce (28 grams) of leaves and baby popcorn nuggos. For the people who have requested shake, here it is! These bottom bag shake comes from AAA quality grade buds. Great for the rainy days when there’s no cannabis available. Just roll this sucker up and smoke as much as you want on a budget!
Please note: Stems may be included.


1 OUNCE = $65
2 OUNCE = $125
3 OUNCE = $180
4 OUNCE = $240


Ounce, 2 Ounces, 3 Ounces, 4 Ounces

2 reviews for Shake (AAA+)

  1. CraigG95

    This shake is so bomb and well worth the price. Not just a bunch of leaves, it is real bud that’s great for rolling up or making edibles with

  2. EddyChef

    After trying most of the edibles out here in the market I’ve came to realize that there is none that can do justice for me. I purchase 4 of these all the time to make cannabis oil or butter with my butter machine. I product about maybe 500ml of oil and use all of this toward a big batch of home made brownies. After crafting the brownies, one square will put you to a never ending trip. The best brownies I’ve ever made all thanks to Holy Shmoke for providing me quality shake Im able to cook with. Btw, I smoke this as well and its an amazing high for the price. Fuck yes!

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